Thermocouple Coiled Cords

Thermocouple Coiled Cords
Part # Calibration Retracted length Extended length Molded Plug Fitted
CCP-K K 11” 6’ 6” Yes
CCP-J J 11” 6’ 6” Yes
CCP-T T 11” 6’ 6” Yes
CCP-K-24 K 24” 14’ Yes
CCP-J-24 J 24” 14’ Yes
CCP-T-24 T 24” 14’ Yes
CC-RTD RTD, 4-wire 11” 6’ 6” No

Other configurations available to order – consult sales office

  • 24 AWG stranded conductors
  • All type K cords now with high accuracy Special Limits wire: ±2°F
  • Polyurethane outer insulation offers fast and strong snap back to retain original shape
  • Teflon inner insulation gives cord greater strength and higher operating temperature than the standard PVC offered by competitors
    Note: some cords have polyurethane inner insulation. Consult with sales office if this is important to your application
  • Special design of the high quality molded plug locks the wires in place and can withstand pull up to 20 lb
  • Many options & other calibrations available to special order