Machined Parts & Components

Custom Machined Parts & Components


A part of our product range that is increasing in popularity is the design and manufacture of custom machined products.

We can quote on your existing custom parts, in which case email us your drawing and you will receive back a competitive quote. Or we can help you design something new.

Either way we can assure of receiving the highest quality product. As an example of our high standards, here are some of the unique features of our products:

  • All male threads are cut on CNC turning centers. Rolled threads are optional at a small price adder
  • Against the standard +/- 1/2 thread gauging tolerance, a +/- 1/4 thread standard is maintained
  • Bores of compression fitting bodies are drilled and then reamed to give a smooth internal finish and accurate dimensions
  • Ferrule seats are burnished to ensure accurate seating
  • Optional hardening of ferrules

All raw materials used are tested for Physical and Chemical properties in an independent laboratory. All products shipped out of their factories have the following certificates that accompany the shipment:

  • QA inspection report
  • TR’s if required by client
  • Certificate of Conformity if required by client
  • Pressure Test Certificates wherever applicable
Machined Parts and Components
Machined Parts and Components
Machined Parts and Components
Machined Parts and Components
Machined Parts and Components


* Thermowells

* Accessories for Thermocouple and RTD assemblies

* Hex Weld Fittings

* Bore through compression fittings

* Melt Bolts

* Instrumentation Accessories

* Closed End Tubes

* Needle Valves, Ball Valves, Check Valves

* Instrument Valve Manifolds

* Precision Turned Parts


Priced aggressively to compete in the N. American market.

We welcome your RFQ’s on all of the above products.

Machined Parts and Components