Bayonet Caps & Springs

Adjustable & Fixed Bayonet Fittings

Bayonet Caps and Springs
Bayonet Caps and Springs

Part # Description
TC439 Bayonet fitting w/ compression nut and sleeve & spring. Bore size for 1/8″ OD probe

  • Supplied as a set: bayonet cap, spring & 2 braze rings
  • Material:
    Spring: SS316
    Braze rings: SS316
    Bayonet Cap: Ni Plated Brass
  • Note: these items can be ordered separately — see following
    Bayonet cap: BC-P
    Spring: BCS-158-316
    Braze Rings: BR-316

Bayonet Caps and Springs

Part # Description
TC430 Fixed bayonet fitting for 3/16″ OD probe

Bayonet Fittings: Caps & Springs

Bayonet Caps and Springs
Bayonet Caps and Springs
Bayonet Caps and Springs

  • Material: Nickel Plated Brass
  • BC-FA: suits our flex armor and most other US manufacturers of flex armor
  • Custom caps available to special order

Part # Description
BC-S Threaded for BCS-10-316 spring
BC-P Plain – for 3/16″ OD probe
BC-FA Threaded for 3/16″ ID Flex Armor

Bayonet Caps and Springs

  • Material: SS316
  • Custom springs available to special order

Part # Description
BCS-10-316 Stainless Steel 316: 10” Bell Spring for 3/16“ OD Probes (suits BC-S Caps)
BCS-158-316 Stainless Steel 316: 1-5/8” for 3/16” OD Probe (suits BC-P)
BR-316 Stainless Steel 316: Braze Rings for 3/16” probe